Sound, Socially Conscious Real Estate Investment Opportunities



    DH&G specializes in the acquisition, development and construction of boutique office and retail properties; and family and senior housing communities.  We have been acquiring, developing, constructing and managing commercial real estate properties since 1992.  Our Principals, Adam Diskin and Russell Hirsch have been key players in the
development, syndication and construction of over 50,000 square feet of commercial space and 10,000 residential units with a development cost in excess of $1 billion.  Our market focus encompasses Washington, Oregon, California, Texas and Hawaii.  We have offices in Seattle, Nashville and Honolulu.

What makes us different is our understanding of and experience in leveraging local, state and federal tax-incentive financing programs.  Project financings have utilized tax-exempt bonds, low-income housing tax credits, renewable energy credits, historic rehabilitation credits, CDBG and HOME funds, weatherization loans and grants, new market tax credits, public re-development loans, tax increment financing, private grants, and mortgage backed securities.  We have close working relationships with leading tax credit syndicators and investors such as Alliant Capital, WNC and The Richman Group, and have raised institutional equity investments from Citi Group and Verizon.  We also have established lending relationships and work closely with lenders such as JP Morgan Chase, US Bank and other regional community lenders.

In partnership with city officials and local community service agencies, our investments significantly improve the quality of life for our tenants, residents and their neighborhoods.


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